Moshe Markovich

Runner, builder, connector, mental health advocate,
all while trying to make people laugh.

New York, NY


Moshe was one of the early adopters of Slack as he started using Slack in 2014. Currently David runs one of the largest groups on Slack which has over 25,000 members. He’s built bots and apps on top of Slack that have been used by 1000’s. As a Slack consultant, he had the opportunity to help 100’s of companies with Slack related tasks. He’s worked with startups, enterprises, governments, investors, banks and VC’s to understand the product and the Slack ecosystem. If Slack is the right fit, David can help with on-boarding, bot & app building, automation & internally/external community building. 

Moshe Created the Following:

Internet Marketing Community on Slack with 22000+ Members.

A Slack Community for those who run Slack Communities.

A Slack Consulting firm for Enterprises.

The Slack Bot to alert about
Missing Children.

Group for people who want to network with other internet marketers, learn, and have a good time. (Currently run by Slack)

Wilfred bot give an option for employees to anonymously send feedback, criticism or compliments 24/7.  Used by over 15,000

Utilizing Slack, Moshe created the largest real-time resource during the Covid19 pandemic


From working with Moshe it became clear that he understood both the basic and subtle understandings of the slack platform and that he would do a great job consulting novices on how to become proficient slack users. And from working with Moshe over time I started to see that he was not just a teach-in consultant but was also an excellent resource on other conversational tools, and on the future rollouts of conversational technologies. His ability to shift gears and messages around different audiences but still get his point across clearly is unparalleled. I recommend Moshe not just for consulting opportunities with your non-technical employee base, but with investing, technology, and upper management teams as well. I look forward to continuing my business relationship with Moshe. Thank you for all your help!”
Brian Brennan, Product Development
KeyBanc Capital Markets
Moshe is the most knowledgeable individual I know when it comes to SEO and online community building. I’ve worked with Moshe now on two projects. The first focused on website conversion optimization, where Moshe almost doubled the number of qualified leads submitting forms on our website. The second was to build a private Slack community for M&A professionals -- Moshe launched in under a week as one of our quick marketing responses to Covid, and the community had great traction serving as an exclusive perk for our client base. In both projects, Moshe displayed his subject matter expertise, intimate knowledge of best practices, and delivered immediate results.
Nick Coetzee, Head of Business Operations