How Much Does Slack Cost?

Slack is one of the most popular team chat apps available today, boasting over 10 million users and 85,000 paying customers.

Over 100 countries utilize Slack to improve their work communication experience. While the freemium plan works well for most uses, those looking for massive Slack communities of 10,000+ participants will need to upgrade.

The price of Slack can add up pretty quickly if you take an interest in their premium options. Although there are more expensive chat apps available, there are also cheaper ones.

If you came here with the question, “How much does Slack cost?” you’re in luck. Below we have covered Slack pricing options and weighed Slack free vs. paid plans.

What is Slack’s Pricing?

Let’s cut to the chase.

There are four tiers to Slack pricing: Free, Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid.

The Free plan costs $0 and includes:

  • Access to the last 10,000 team messages
  • Up to 10 integrations with other apps
  • One on one video calls with your teammates

Upgrading to the Standard plan will cost $6.67 per person per month for a year-long subscription, and $8 a month when paying monthly. In addition to the Free features, you will get:

  • Access to your group’s entire message history
  • Unlimited integrations with other apps
  • Video calls with up to 15 teammates
  • Secure collaboration with guests within Slack

For even more goodness, you can upgrade to the Plus plan. Each team member pays $12.50 per month with a year-long subscription, or $15 month-to-month. You will get all the benefits of the Free and Standard plans plus:

  • SAML-based SSO and real-time Active Directory sync for advanced identity management
  • Compliance requirements for all messages
  • 24/7 assistance with 99.99% guaranteed uptime and support team access with a 4-hour response time

The Enterprise Grid plan has variable pricing depending on the size of the corporation and the requirements. However, it includes everything in the Free, Standard, and Plus plans, and:

  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance
  • Large scale collaboration and support for up to 500,000 users
  • Streamlined administration, centralized controls, and customizable policies
  • Tailored support with a designated customer service account and team

Something to note is that Slack has not changed their prices since its launch in 2014. Furthermore, they have always had a Freemium plan that covers most user needs.

Below we will break down the facets of each plan, starting with the Free plan.

Slack Free Plan

By creating a Freemium plan, Slack allows small teams to try out their SaaS for an unlimited period. At no point will they be required to pay for the services. There are plenty of great features, two-factor authentication secures every user’s data.

Nevertheless, this $0 price does not come without severe limitations.

While these will not be a bother for small team collaborations, even smaller businesses would be better off paying for one of the premium plans.

10,000 Message Search Limit

10,000 seems like an enormous number, but it harshly limits communication. Once your Slack channel has hit 10,000 messages, the oldest ones will get deleted, and you will lose access to them.

Most teams will send about 3,000 messages a week, meaning they will run out of searchable records within a month. Teammates will not find messages sent a few weeks ago, and some necessary data may be lost.

Upgrading to the Standard plan will let you keep all messages but at the cost of $8 a month or $80 a year per person.

Up to 10 App Integrations

Considering the approximately 1.500 apps available for Slack integration, capping them at ten can be quite limiting.

To stay within these bounds, teams must install and delete integrations to maintain their Free status. While not the end of the world, this can get rather tedious, especially if you need to switch between apps frequently.

One on One Video Calls

The Free plan does not include the option to have team calls or conference meetings. You can call only one person at a time.

Those looking for simple team collaboration may not worry about this, but businesses should.

Also, you can only make video calls on the desktop version. The mobile version only makes audio calls, even on paid plans.

Slack Standard Plan

Slack recommends their Standard plan for small- and medium-sized businesses. An annual payment of $6.67 per user per month will remove the Free plan’s restrictions while adding the previously mentioned features.

The Standard plan grants unlimited searchable messages and app integrations. You can make group calls with up to 15 participants. In these calls, you can screen share, add guests, and share channels.

Another feature is the option to log in with Google instead of making a separate Slack account. Lastly, you have priority customer support, though it is not around-the-clock.

A problem with this pricing is how much it adds up. With 50 employees, you will be paying at least $333.50 a month, or $4,002 annually.

These prices make a hefty investment for many companies, so keep this in mind when looking to upgrade your Slack.

Slack Plus Plan

If you have a large business and need extensive administrative control, the Slack Plus plan is your best option. For an annual payment of $12.50 per person per month, you will get the Standard features and a few others.

There is more customization of message retention and archival preferences, and you can keep a deletion log and export data. Administrators will have greater control over their Slack channel.

With SAML and other SSO providers, you ensure the security of your channel.

Furthermore, if Slack encounters technical difficulties, you will be reimbursed for time lost and access a 24/7 support team.

Slack Enterprise Grid Plan

The Slack Enterprise Grid plan is best for megacorporations. The price varies based on a multitude of factors, but it may be worth the extra cost.

You will get unlimited workspaces, additional collaboration with other teams, data accessible by the entire company, and even more security.


While not the most inexpensive team chat app, Slack has various useful features, even in the free version.

Because of their freemium option, you can try out Slack’s features with no strings attached instead of jumping right into a paid plan.

If you value security and collaboration, no matter what size your company or team is, there is a Slack plan for you.

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