Best Online Consulting Advice: How to Double ROI from Every Email Campaign

As an online consultant, people constantly ask me about email marketing. They say, “David, sending emails and coming up with creative ad copy takes a lot of time, resources and effort. What’s the best advice you can give to increase sales from email marketing campaigns?” While there are many factors, there is one specific tactic you can employ and it’s a surefire way to increase sales from any single email campaign. The tactic relies on understanding the open rate.

Many email companies like Mail Chimp offer the ability to look at your open rates. When you send an email, any time someone clicks on it and opens your message, that is counted towards your open rate. After your email campaign finishes sending, you will start to receive analytics telling you the proportion of recipients who opened your email, and most e-mail service providers allow you to segment your list. If you take all the people who opened your e-mail, you have a solid contact list of interested buyers.

As your customer receiving the email, the decision to open your brand’s online message is determined by the sender and the subject line. There are a lot of online consultants who will tell you that the subject line is perhaps the most important component as it conveys the anticipated message of your campaign.

If your customer opened the email, you can safely they got your message. In those cases it then comes down to whether you gave them a reason to click. But if your customer didn’t open the email, not only can they not click on a link and make a conversion, but think about all the time you spent coming up with a great offer and perfectly crafted copy goes to waste. You spent so much time on something that nobody will ever see.

At the same time you can view this another way. If all they saw was the subject line, then they didn’t really see your email. The best way to double the ROI on all that time you spent coming up with the perfect email is to resend it to the segment who didn’t open. As long as you’ve waited a week or two and you are confident that the open rate has dropped off, all  you have to do is come up with another subject line.

There are so many factors that go into why the receiver will open an email at any given moment, that if used with a sense of ethics, I don’t see this as a spammy tactic. I can’t tell you how many times the revenue from the resend was greater than that of the original!

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