Benefits of a press release

The Power of the Press (Release)

Today, sending press releases to news media organizations is only half the battle in trying to win publicity. Social media, which has transformed how people communicate and affects change worldwide, is an integral marketing tool that can swiftly spread the word about your company to your target market. Whether companies rely on traditional news media, social media or both (as they should), why are press releases so important?

*Product or service announcements. Sending out a press release to the right contacts is important if you want to get the word out about a new product or service. Be sure to tell your social media network, bloggers and journalists what sets the product or service apart.
*A “brand” boost. By regularly sending out strategic press releases, you can build and improve your brand identity. *The world at your fingertips. Before online press release distribution, companies mainly sent press releases to traditional news media journalists. Today, it’s easy to blast out press releases on servers that can instantly carry your message to a worldwide audience. Of course, an effective social media strategy allows you to do the same.
*Spread like Wildfire. Because of the power of social media, if you put out a captivating, relevant press release, your release can go viral as people share it over their own social media networks. Creating that kind of buzz is priceless. Be sure to add links to your release directing readers to other web pages that shed light on who you are and what you offer.

*Stir up your SEO. To optimize your press release for best search engine results, integrate specific keywords related to your business and use the press release for off page SEO ( link building)
*Marketing on the go. Because smartphones are essentially glued to their users, your target market can read your press release anytime, anywhere.

Now that you know why press releases should be a fundamental part of your marketing and public relation strategy, you’ll have to learn how to distribute them effectively. A press release is worth nothing until it lands in the hands of your target audience or an influencer who will blast it out to them. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Read part II of this series, “Psst…Your Press Release Shouldn’t be a Secret.”

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